Pregnant Women Emotions for her Husband

Pregnant Women Emotions for her Husband

Dear Husband, This is what your wife needs from you during her pregnancy?

Today, your wife wants to share her feelings about being pregnant with you. She also wants to let you know of the little things that she would like from you during this exciting, emotional, rollercoaster phase in our lives.

I’m going, to be honest with you, so don’t judge me and hate me. I would really still like you to buy me those donuts you promised this morning… even after you read this. 😛

Pregnancy is such a beautiful journey that two people go on together. Yes, it includes you, my dear husband. But it’s also a very stressful, crazy, whirlwind, and sometimes rough time in our lives.

I’ve experienced feelings and symptoms that I’ve never felt before.

Not everything is about me and what I want or need during this time. It’s also about us, our marriage, our love, and the little miracle growing inside me that we created together!

I need your support, your affection and for you to communicate with me every step of the way. WE are a team and WE are in this together.

I know it may be hard for you right now because I push you away at times and it honestly feels like I’m not the woman you married but the truth is… my hormones are raging!

I feel like I have an alternate personality at the moment and I really can’t control it.

Some days I feel like I want to punch you in the face while other days I wish you grabbed my hand and kissed me when I least expected it.

Some days I think about having sex in odd places while other days I wish your penis never existed.

Stop asking me if the baby is hurting while we having sex… trust me, the baby can’t feel your penis.

My boobs may have gotten bigger but that doesn’t mean you can touch them whenever you want. You might end up getting replaced with a pregnancy pillow at night.

I know that you think that I am a difficult person to deal with right now but please understand – I am swollen, hungry, gassy, and tired. The last thing on my mind is having a quickie when I can’t even see how my vagina looks like right now.

Most days, I don’t feel pretty.

Sometimes even I can’t explain how I am feeling but all I know is that I need you to keep telling me that I am beautiful even when I’m lying on the hospital bed in tears and pain about to birth our child.

I need you to surprise me when you can – spoil me with a foot massage or cook dinner for us.

There is a little human growing inside me – a little person who takes a lot of my energy – physically and emotionally.

Help me with the daily chores and come with me to doctor’s appointments.

Take me to a movie or let’s go for a weekend away and indulge in delicious food that I’ve been dreaming about.

I want to spend as much time as I can with you before everything changes all over again.

Talk to my belly and sing to your baby.

I know you will enjoy feeling those tiny kicks too.

The pregnancy brain is a real thing…

Sometimes I feel like I’m losing my mind. I know this is scary for you but it’s also scary for me.

My sense of humor doesn’t exist anymore.

I cry when things don’t happen the way I want it too.

I cry when things happen the way they are supposed to.


I scream at you for absolutely nothing.

But I still love you.

Remember there will be good and bad days… but I need you to get through them all.

Just be there – Have lots of tissues, love, and patience… and if you want to know a little secret – along with the tissues always have my favorite snack. Even if it may change, I will know that you are always thinking of me.

Let’s enjoy this rollercoaster ride …. TOGETHER.

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