Cheating Breaks Purity of Marriage

Cheating Breaks Purity of Marriage

The titles of ‘Wife‘ and ‘Husband‘ are not magical talismans. They are just titles these days that you give to say, “I choose you and only you for the rest of our lives”.

All relationships are based on commitment, a promise from the person they trust and love. Marriage commitments vary on the wording, but it mostly includes something like this.

Loyalty – The couple promises that they will remain physically and emotionally attached ONLY to one another.

Protection and responsibility – The couple promises to protect each other and take it upon themselves to be responsible for each other’s welfare.

Forever – The promise holds true as long as they both draw breath.

Having an affair betrays all three promises. The first and the last is self-explanatory. The second promise is broken because the man is consciously hurting their partner. It’s hard to imagine how a woman feels after being cheated on.

A woman feels abandoned

This is where most of the fear of being cheated on comes from. The woman feels that once replaced by someone else, she is no longer needed, wanted, and will eventually be discarded.

It hurts her pride as a woman and worth as a person. She would feel that all her love and efforts are in vain. It is like losing in the Olympics after giving it your best.

The worst part of this is the person they trust the most is the same person who hurt them. Having invested so much of herself in the relationship, she also lost her most significant support pillar.

A woman feels disgusted

A change in routine, increase in important after-work activities, lack of interest, and many others. A woman’s intuition is quick to pick up on all the subtle changes that point to infidelity.

If there is still trust in the relationship, the woman will ignore her gut instinct and put her faith in her man. She will overlook the red flags hoping she is wrong. After all, accusing their man without evidence is inviting an argument she can’t win. If it does turn out that the man isn’t cheating, it would needlessly damage the relationship.

When there’s smoke, there’s a flame. If the affair goes on long enough, it will eventually be discovered. Once the suspicions are confirmed, and the man is cheating, disgust is what a woman feels after being cheated on.

She is disgusted that the man she loves is sleeping around. She is disgusted that their relationship is insignificant, and the worst part is she is disgusted that she ignored the signals and it’s been happening for quite some time.

A woman feels depressed

A woman enters a relationship and marriage going all-in with their life hopes and dreams. Infidelity shatters those dreams, and the long term effects of being cheated on could include depression.

If children are involved, all sorts of thoughts come into their minds regarding how their children would deal with a broken family. A single parent and blended families are no longer unusual, but there’s still a point in time that is difficult for young children.

The unpleasant experience the family goes through because of cheating can have lifelong consequences.

It’s depressing for women to think that their family and children are suddenly faced with a bleak future. No loving mother will want that for their kids.

It’s a flood of emotions that can drive anyone crazy. It’s hard to imagine how to trust after being cheated on by the person they love the most. Any man who would put a woman they care about through such an ordeal can’t be trusted.

It leaves a lot to the imagination, but that is fairly accurate since there’s no single word that can describe the pain.

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