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What causes crying during pregnancy? 

Even if you’re a naturally sentimental or emotional person, you might notice yourself crying more during pregnancy. And if you’re typically one who rarely sheds a tear, uncontrollable outpourings of emotion might take you by surprise.

Although emotions are a normal part of pregnancy, it helps to understand the reasons for weepiness.

First trimester

Every woman is different, so some women may have crying spells throughout their entire pregnancy, whereas others only cry during the first trimester.

First trimester crying isn’t unusual, considering this is when a change in hormone secretion takes place. Higher levels of both estrogen and progesterone during the first trimester seem to be responsible for some mood swings, marked by irritability and sadness.

Plus, pregnancy is a major life change. And for this reason, combined with the rapidly changing hormones, crying during the first trimester might be due anything from extreme happiness to anxiety or fear that something will happen to the baby.

Second and third trimesters

Hormonal shifts can continue into the second and third trimesters, so crying spells may happen during this time, too.

Your body is changing rapidly, which can also increase anxiety levels. As a result, some women may feel more on edge in the second trimester. If so, normal everyday stresses and frustrations could also trigger crying spells.

And when you’re nearing the finish line, there’s probably a lot on your mind. You have to complete the nursery, prepare your finances, and the realness of labor and delivery might make you a little panicky.

You’re about to have an added responsibility — whether it’s your first child or you’re adding to your family. This can be a stressful time, and if emotions run high, crying spells might follow.

How to treat crying spells during pregnancy?

Unfortunately, you can’t control hormonal shifts during pregnancy. But you can take steps to help ease the effects of these shifts, which may relieve — or at the very least, reduce — crying spells.

  • Get enough sleep. Too little sleep can increase your stress levels, making you more irritable. Aim for at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.
  • Be physically active. Ask your doctor about gentle exercises during pregnancy to boost your energy and improve your mental health. Go for a walk, swim, or take a low-impact aerobics class.
  • Talk to other moms or pregnant women. Getting support, either online or from a local group, may also ease some of the fear and anxiety associated with pregnancy. By talking to other moms, you can share advice, relate personal stories, and provide each other with emotional support.
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself. Yes, preparing for a new baby can be overwhelming and stressful. But don’t feel that you have to do everything yourself, or that you have to do everything before the baby arrives. This type of pressure can lead to frustration, guilt, and crying spells.

If you’re depressed, talk to your doctor. Certain antidepressants are safe to take during pregnancy. Plus, treating depression during pregnancy may lower your risk of developing PPD after baby is born.

Pregnancy can make you an emotional wreck, but you’re not alone. Rest assured that crying spells are perfectly normal, and this part of pregnancy probably isn’t anything to worry about.

But if you feel that crying is more than hormonal or if you have mental health concerns, make an appointment with your doctor — they are your best advocate when it comes to your health and the health of your baby.

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